Car Air Conditioning Service in Cambridgeshire

Car Air Conditioning Service CambridgeshireNearly all vehicles now have air conditioning and climate control systems fitted as standard.

Please be aware that just like the other parts of your vehicle, the air-con system also needs servicing to keep it running efficiently and effectively.

Drivers often enjoy the experience of using the air-conditioning on those hot days, but the air conditioning system is also useful in the winter as it helps to keep your car windows de-misted by circulating warm, dry air throughout your vehicle. If you notice your windows misting, this may be a sign you need to pop in and see us to have the air conditioning system checked over.

The air conditioning system will lose 10% of its gases and lubricants each year, so over time it will begin to work less efficiently. Manufacturers recommend that air-con systems are re-charged every 2 years. This is not part of your vehicle’s standard service, so it may require a re-charge now.

The recharge process involves removing the old gas and lubricant from the air-con system and replacing it with the correct amount of new gas and lubricant, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This process takes approximately 1 hour.

Here at Purser & Luxford in Cambridgeshire, when we recharge an air-con system we also add in an ultraviolet dye. This helps to diagnose any leaks, allowing us to repair and re-charge the system.

Air-Conditioning Gas Update

Since last year we have been offering R1234yf, the new AC gas that is in most new cars since 2013. There are very few local garages that are offering this service for your car but we are, and we have invested in the new machine for R1234YF gas at our workshop in Cambridgeshire.

A common question is why the old, R134a gas found in most cars today, is being replaced? It’s driven by environmental concerns as it is more environmentally friendly.

So, if you need an R1234yf degas, re-gas or service for your car call our friendly Service Team in Cambridgeshire on 01480 463850 today for an unbeatable quotation.